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Fate Of Irnia – Fantasy Rpg Sex Games Online

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All Fantasy Fans Should Play Fate Of Irnia On Our Site

When it comes to porn games, everything focuses on sex simulators and dating simulators these days. Although some games come with well written characters, there’s something missing. We need some games to restore our lust for adventure. We need games with well written stories and magical lands, where everything is possible, where the maidens are beautiful and where the adventure is lurking for you at every corner. If you need such game, then you sure need to find out about Fate Of Irnia. This fantasy game is a masterpiece, taking you on a journey through a world with a strong medieval feeling to it, but also with all kinds of mythical creatures, magic and lots of wild sex.

Fate Of Irnia is an excellent game for everyone who is into Skyrim or World Of Warcraft. It comes with multiple characters from all kinds of classes, it has lots of quests you can complete and the fate of the entire world is depending on you. Your main mission is to protect the realm of Irnia, a mythical place that’s under constant threat from the forces of evil. The orcs can attack the kingdom any time and you have to fight the bad guys who are lurking in the shadows. Your bravery will not go unnoticed. Every girl in the realm can be yours if you play your cards right. This is a game that’s based on strong character build up, it has some customization features, lots of decisional points that can change how the game unravels and a well written story that will make you feel like you’re experiencing a visual novel. But it is a visual novel in which you have so many things to do. The gameplay is complex and the sex is epic. Read more about the game in the paragraphs below.

Save The Land And Get The Girls

The story in the game revolves around the fact that every 12 years an army of orcs are attacking the kingdom and they destroy everything in their path. That day is coming quick and you will have to be ready for it. You will play the game from the perspective of your avatar. Irnia is a massive kingdom in the game, providing a map with villages and cities you can roam looking for items and spells to make you more powerful, but also interacting with all kinds of characters to help you in the battle. The characters are from all kinds of different classes, including warriors, paladins or mages. But all of them are sexy chicks in hot armors and robes, who are ready to show you more than just how to fight the orcs.

As you advance in the story, you will interact with all kinds of sexy women who are ready to throw themselves to you or who need a bit of seduction before they spread their legs for your mighty cock. The dialogue in the game is well written and it has all kinds of dirty talk that will make your cock hard while you play the game. But at the same time, the main quest will always be on your head. Completing the game is more than just clicking next. You will have to use your strategic mind and come up with ways through which you can become the best version of yourself. But that will be a pleasant journey when all the characters helping you are also ready to suck on your dick.

The Graphics And Sex Gameplay In Fate Of Irnia

The game is coming with some interesting graphics. Although it was created in the Flash era, it had many patches and modes installed in the updates, which brought it up to today’s standards. I love the design of the characters. They have something out of the 80s comic books. Since the game has a heavy mystical feeling to it, the graphics are done using lots of shadows, making everything spooky and exciting. All the characters in the game are vixens, with wide hips, massive tits and some nice asses. At the same time, besides human women you will also get to fuck some mythical creatures. I really like the night elves in this game because they come with blue grey skin and pointy years. If you are into fantasy and medieval themes, you will love the way the characters are dressed up in this game. The environment in which the gameplay takes place is also nice, reminding players of villages from middle age Europe. As for the sex that you will get to have with all these characters, things are pretty intense. Since you’re the hero who can save them all, they are pretty submissive to your desires. You can fuck all their holes, you can push your dick down their throat and there are even BDSM elements in the sex gameplay.

Play Fate Of Irnia For Free On Our Site

This game has been around for some time and the are many sites where you can play it for free. But most of those sites will make you download it and most of the time they only have versions for PC. That’s why you need a site like ours where you can play the game. You need our site because we offer the game for free and you can play it directly in your browser. We don’t make you download anything, we don’t make you join our site and we don’t annoy you with any kind of ads. We had our team work on the game and craft it in such way that will work on any device directly in your browser. Now you only need internet access in order to enjoy the game. On top of that, we have many community features in place which can be used to talk about the game and similar fantasies with other players. Enjoy Fate Of Irnia on our site tonight!

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